Control Kit - 0.55kW 230VAC

Control Kit - 0.55kW 230VAC

Plug and Play Inverter Conversion

What is a Control Kit?

Our control kits were designed to help convert lathes, milling machines and other applications to use inverters and their superior control characteristics. They are set up as ready to use kits, saving time sourcing individual parts and components. Plug and Play means you simply connect the Power, mount the motor and away you go. 

What Is Included?

The kit includes the following:

- Parker AC10 Inverter 0.55kW 1 Phase – Parameters    pre-configured

- TEC 0.55kW 3 Phase Motor B3 Foot Mount – Matched to the Inverter

- Control Pendant – With 2m Flying lead. E-Stop, Forward, Backwards, and Pot for full speed control

- All Cables Included

AC Drives
Power 0.55kW
  • £338.88

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