Parker SSD 590P 830A 4Q - 220-500V 3PH (115V AUX Supply)

2-3 Days Parker SSD 590P 830A 4Q - 220-500V 3PH (115V AUX Supply)

The 590P-53383041-P00-U4V0 DC drive has the following configuration:


  • Supply Voltage: 220-500VAC / 3 Phase lnput
  • Current and Size: 830A Output Current Rating - Frame Size '4'
  • Auxiliary Supply: 115V 1-Phase Auxiliary Supply
  • Mounting: PaneI Mounted
  • Special: No Special Option
  • Destination: English (50Hz/60Hz) Destination
  • Keypad: 6901 Keypad Option Fitted
  • Feedback: Armature Voltage Speed Feedback Option
  • Options: No Communications Option


  • Size: No Communications Option


There are several communication options for the 590P / 590P family (see options below) which modify the base part number to:

590P-53383041-P00-U4VC - ControINet Communications Option
590P-53383041-P00-U4VD - DeviceNet Communications Option
590P-53383041-P00-U4VE - Ethernet Communications Option
590P-53383041-P00-U4VL - Link Communications Option
590P-53383041-P00-U4VM - Modbus+ Communications Option
590P-53383041-P00-U4VN - CANopen Communications Option
590P-53383041-P00-U4VP - Profibus Communications Option
590P-53383041-P00-U4VR - RS485 (EEI Bisynch) Communications Option

The DC590+ Integrator series highly advanced DC drive meets the demands of the most complex motor control applications. Extensive application software (including winder control as standard) together with Function Block Programming and configurable I/O creates a total drive system in a single module.

For module datasheets and more information on the DC590+ range, please visit our DC590+ family product guide


  • Programmable key pad 6901
  • Technology box for communication (ProfibusDP, Devicenet, CanOpen, LINK, LonWorks, EI Bisynch/RS422/RS485, Modbus RTU
  • Speed feedback technology box (analog tachometer, encoder microtach for acrylic fiberoptic, microtach for glass fiberoptic)
  • EMC Filter- Industrial Ambience
  • Line Reactors for European and North American markets
  • Output Inductors for long motor leads.


Characteristics and advantages:


  • Extremely simple set-up and programming
  • Removable Key Pad
  • Extremely Compact
  • Motor Thermistor Input


DC590+ drives comply to the following standards:


  • EN50178 (Protection, Low Voltage Directive)
  • EN50081-2 (1992) (EMC emissions in industrial ambience)
  • EN50082-2 (1995) (Immune in industrial EMC environment)
  • EN61000-3-2 (Standard harmonics with line inductors)


The DC590+ series introduced a new world, radical approach, in DC drive design: the philosophy of DRV. Each DC590+ DRV is internally integrated with all auxiliary power components.


This type of construction reduces space, time and cost of wiring. The innovative and exclusive concept of DRV design is a result of mature experience in hundreds of applications in diverse sectors of industrial automation.

Literature for the AC590+ range can be found on the downloads tab

For module datasheets and more information on the DC590+ range, please visit our DC590+ family product guide.

DC Drives
Frame Size 4
Input Voltage 220v - 500v
Power Rating 830A
Quadrants 4Q
  • £12,047.00
  • £7,589.61