TECDrive Inverter Drive - 1.5kW - 240VAC - 1 Phase

TECDrive Inverter Drive - 1.5kW - 240VAC - 1 Phase

240VAC – 1 Phase - 1.5kW – 7A

COMPACT - Reliable – Easy To USe


TECDRIVE Inverters provide one of the simplest setup processes of any Inverter Drive. Simply conect the drive to your power supply and the motoryou wish to control, and use the one button macro selection to get started, its that simple...

TECDrive Inverter

Download USER Guide Here

The manual can be downloaded here: TECDrive Inverter User Guide


TECDrive Inverters have been designed with only 14 parameters , al l of which can be accessed via the keypad on the front of the drive, allowing the user easy access to key features. The built in Macros allow an alternative setup method and extremely quick commissioning. The built in Macros include Industrial, Fan and Pump modes .


TECDrive Keypad


Internal Category C1 EMC Filter
An internal filter in every TECDrive saves cost and time for installation. (Cat C1 according to EN61800-3:2004).

Sensorless Vector Control for all Motor Types. Precise and reliable control for IE2, IE3 & IE4 motors, IM IE2 & IE3 Induction Motors, PM AC Permanent Magnet Motors
BLDC Brushless DC Motors
SynRM Synchronous Reluctance Motors.

Accessories and Options


The Optistick allows for rapid commissioning of multiple drives with the same parameter settings. It enables copying , backup and restores of drive settings. It also allows for Bluetooth interfacing from a PC running Optitools Studio.

TECDrive Optistick

IP66 Versions

We also have IP66 Versions of the full TECDrive range available. PLease call the office for details and prices.


Technical Specifications - TECDrive 240VAC 1.5kW – 7A

Electrical Characteristics

Power Supply 220 ... 240 VAC ±10 % Single Phase
220 ... 240 VAC ±10 % Three Phase 
380 ... 480 VAC +10 % Three Phase
Rated Input Frequency 48/62 Hz
Overload Capacity 150% for 60 seconds
Power Cycles 120 per hour max, evenly spaced
Output Frequency 0 – 500 Hz
Typical Efficiency > 98%
Control Mode

Sensorless Vector (SLV) Mode

PM Vector Control

BLDC Control

Synchronous Reluctance

PWM Frequency  4 – 32kHz Effective

I/O Specifications

Power Supply

24 Volt DC, 100mA, Short Circuit Protected

10 Volt DC, 5mA for Potentiometer

Programmable Inputs

4 Total

2 Digital

2 Analog / Digital selectable

Digital Inputs

8 – 30 Volt DC, internal or external supply

Response time < 4ms

Analog Inputs

Resolution: 12 bits

Response time: < 4ms

Accuracy: ± 2% full scale

Parameter adjustable scaling and offset

Programmable Outputs

2 Total

1 Analog / Digital

1 Relay

Relay Outputs

Maximum Voltage: 250 VAC, 30 VDC

Switching Current Capacity: 6A AC, 5A DC




AC Drives
Current 7A
Phase 1 Phase
Voltage 240V
Power 1.5kW
Frame Size 1
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