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ACDC Drives stock a large range of AC drives to cover the vast spectrum of individual requirements. AC Inverter drives are used in many different applications, they vary considerably in complexity. The VFD’s (variable frequency drives) are a powerful tool for energy saving, a cost effective alternative to running the AC motor D.O.L (Direct on line). AC Motor Control has transformed the way we operate our AC motors, they increase the motor life, increase service intervals, whilst cutting down energy consumption. Torque can also be limited which can help protect equipment by allowing it to operate within manufacturer tolerances, therefore extending its life.


We stock Parker SSD and TECDrive Inverters, and can offer technical support for all of the ranges offered, as we use these in the system solutions we offer.


We have also recently added TEC Motors Inverter to our range. This is an exciting new product called the TECDrive. Its high specification out of the box, and ease of use set it apart for those wanting something that will take minimal setup time and be user friendly at a reasonable cost. Available in IP20, and IP66. We expect the TECDrive to be very popular.

If you need help with retro fitting a newer drive to replace an older model, please call us and we will happily help you to select a compatible equivalent.


We also sell Accessories and add on Modules. Click the Accessories Tab for more.


Parker Product Brochures

Parker Product Brochures

Please click on the links to download the Parker Brochure you require:


Parker AC10 Brochure

Parker AC10 Brochure

AC30V Brochure

Parker AC30V Brochure

590 Brochure

Parker 590 Brochure

690 Brochure

Parker 690+ Brochure

650 Highlights

650V Brochure

890 Brochure

Parker 890 / 890PX Brochure


TECDrive Product Brochures

TECDrive Product Brochures

Please click on the link to download the TECDrive Brochure:


TECDrive Brochure

TECDrive Brochure


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What Benefits do VFD's Bring? 

Want to know how a VFD could save you money?

This Infographic gives a quick overview of how much more efficient systems with fans and pumps can be when they include an inverter. 


Click HERE to view our simple Infographic

VFD Energy Savings


For a more thorough explanation, see this Blog post:

Why Use a Variable Frequency Drive?

Parker AC30

AC Drives
AC Drives (VFD – VSD) 
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Parker AC30 Product Builder - 0.75kW - 250kW

Parker SSD AC30 Inverter Drive BuilderSelect the options to suit your specific..

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TECDrive Inverter Drive - 0.75kW - 240VAC - 1 Phase

240VAC – 1 Phase - 0.75kW – 4.3ACOMPACT - Reliable – Easy To USe..


3.7kW / 4.0kW / 5.5kW - 400/480V 3 Phase AC10 Inverter

400/480VAC – 3 Phase – 3.7kW - 5.5kWSelect options to suit your application ..


TECDrive Inverter Drive - 2.2kW - 240VAC - 1 Phase

240VAC – 1 Phase - 2.2kW – 10.5ACOMPACT - Reliable – Easy To USe..