TECDrive Inverters

TECDrive Inverters



TECDrive Inverter Drive

TechTop VFDs available in IP20 or IP66


The TECDrive VFD Inverter is a new product from the well established TEC team. Well known as market leaders in the supply of Motors, they have introduced the TECDrive series. The range consists of 1 Phase 110vac and 240vac Inverters, and 3 Phase 240vac or 380-480vac all available in IP20 or IP66. Standard features are impressive, with Macros built in and features such as Bluetooth connectivity, end user ease of use is obviously paramount.

An internal Cat C1 also simplifies the selection process, as they are fitted as standard in each TECDrive. Modbus RTU and CANopen communication are also included as standard features, allowing for easy interfacing with more complex systems.



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TECDrive Inverter Drive - 0.75kW - 240VAC - 1 Phase

240VAC – 1 Phase - 0.75kW – 4.3ACOMPACT - Reliable – Easy To USe..


TECDrive Inverter Drive - 2.2kW - 240VAC - 1 Phase

240VAC – 1 Phase - 2.2kW – 10.5ACOMPACT - Reliable – Easy To USe..


TECDrive Inverter Drive - 7.5kW - 400VAC - 3 Phase

400VAC – 3 Phase - 7.5kW – 18.0ACOMPACT - Reliable – Easy To USe..