Parker AC690+ Inverter Drives

Parker AC690+ Inverter Drives


Parker AC690 VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Series

AC690+ Integrator series

The AC690+ Series is a single range of AC drives designed to meet the requirements of all variable speed applications from simple single motor speed control through to the most sophisticated integrated multi-drive systems.

The heart of the AC690+ is a highly advanced 32-bit microprocessor based motor control model. is provides an exceptional dynamic performance platform to which can be added a host of communications and control options, enabling you to tailor the drives to meet your exact requirements.

The AC690+ has a host of communications options available, these allow seamless integration into networked systems using the most common industrial fieldbus communication protocols. The drive also includes a HMI keypad, which provides access to all functions in a logical and intuative manner. This can be mounted either on the drive itself, or alternatively it can be supplied loose with a mounting kit, for remote mounting on a panel door for example.

The optional add-on “systems” expansion module is available for more advanced applications and includes phase locking between drives and register control. It fits behind the main control board and provides the following functionality:

  • 5 configurable digital Inputs/ outputs

  • Converts existing 4 analog inputs to high resolution (12 bit plus sign)

  • 2 encoder inputs

  • 2 high speed register mark



The AC 690+ is converted from open-loop control to high performance closed-loop control by simply adding the plug-in encoder feedback technology box. 


The AC690+ is available in 380-500V 3-phase 1 to 1500 HP and 220V-240V 1 to 60 HP, including single phase input for 1 to 3 HP.



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