Convert 3 Phase Motors To Run From A Single Phase Supply

Premium Inverter Control Conversion Kit

A lot of machinery used in industry can be bought either new or second hand in a 3 Phase configuration. These machines or tools are often cheaper and easier to obtain due to them being manufactured in larger numbers than their single phase counterparts. The issue is that many smaller factory units, or home users only have access to a 240v Single Phase supply. Is there any way around this?


We can supply a conversion kit that allows you to convert your motor allowing it to be run from a single phase supply using an inverter. This can be supplied for motors up to and including 4kW. The added benefits of using these kits include the following:

  • Full Speed Control
  • Braking of the Motor
  • Ramp Up / Ramp Down
  • Full Torque From Close To Zero RPM
  • Far Better Efficiency
  • Stop, Start Buttons
  • Forward and Reverse With or Without Stopping the Motor
  • Many More Features!

Our kits are available in Standard or Premium Bundles.

We designed these kits in response to the many enquiries received from home users wanting to convert a 3 Phase piece of machinery – Milling Machines, Lathes, Compressors etc – to Single phase 230VAC. Having converted our own in house milling machine, and developing a simple to use kit to do so, we decided to offer these here on the ACDC Website, and they have proven to be very popular.

These kits are preconfigured. The drive parameters are preset in our workshop to match the control pendant. This results in an inverter kit that is as close to plug an play as possible.

See The Kits Here

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