Chassis Mountable

Chassis Mountable




This 4 Quadrant regenerative DC motor controller gives a fast controlled response over the full forward/reverse speed range for motoring and braking.

Improve your energy efficiency by regenerating energy into the mains supply whilst under braking. The energy invested accelerating the load mass is recovered when braking. No dissipation of energy in wasteful braking resistors.



  • Switch selectable Tach or Armature voltage feedback
  • Adjustable IR compensation for improved AVF speed regulation
  • Selectable dual voltage ac supply
  • Push-button reversing function
  • 150% overload with stall protection
  • Built-in current limit protection
  • Can be used as a torque controller



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Sprint 3600XRi/4 - 0.55KW - 4Q Isolated

Model 3600XRI/4 - DC Motor Control Up To 4 Amps (0.55KW/0.75HP) Fully Isolated 0.55kW Chassi..

£461.00 £403.38

Sprint 3600XRi/8 - 1.1KW - 4Q Isolated

Model 3600XRI/8 - DC Motor Control Up To 8 Amps (1.1KW/1.5HP) Fully Isolated 1.1kW Chassis /..

£516.00 £451.50

Sprint 3600XRi/16 - 2.2KW - 4Q Isolated

Model 3600XRI/16 - DC Motor Control Up To 16 Amps (2.2KW/3HP) Fully Isolated 2.2kW Chassis /..

£616.00 £539.00

Sprint 3600XRi/16 - 4KW - 4Q Isolated

Model 3600XRI/16 - DC Motor Control Up To 16 Amps (4KW/5.3HP) Fully Isolated 4kW Chassis / P..

£616.00 £539.00

Sprint 3600XRi/32 - 7.5KW - 4Q Isolated

Model 3600XRI/32 - DC Motor Control Up To 32 Amps (7.5KW/10HP) Fully Isolated 7.5kW Chassis ..

£739.00 £646.63

Sprint 3600XRi/36 - 9.5KW - 4Q Isolated

Model 3600XRI/36 - DC Motor Control Up To 36 Amps (9.5W/12.6HP) Fully Isolated 9.5kW Chassis..

£871.00 £762.13