FCNDK130 - Worm Gearbox

FCNDK130 - Worm Gearbox

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Depending on modifications made to the base assembly


FCNDK130 Gearbox


FCNDK series worm gear units have been designed based on the modular format system. All types of IEC motors can be fitted. They are heavily customisable. All sizes in this range, apart from size 150, are supplied filled with synthetic long-life oil grade ISO VG 320. Housings for sizes 25-90 are aluminium, sizes 110-150 are cast iron.

TEC Electric Motors worm gear boxes are constructed with an air tight and dust proof aluminium gear casing (sizes 025-090) and benefit from being able to be installed in open air. No extra servicing is required for our worm gear boxes which are supplied with synthetic oil and are sealed for life.


To select the correct unit:


  1. If you are not sure which input flange to select, please see our quick reference Input Flange Sheet


  1. You will also need to make sure that the gearbox will be mounted in the correct orientation, please refer to this table for help:


Motor Gearbox Tech Sheet


  1. Finally select  the ratio you require. To help with this, you may need the datasheets from the manufacturer (found here). 


Once you are happy with your selection, add it to the basket and Checkout, and we will get it built and sent out as quickly as we can.






FCNDK Gearboxes
Output Bore Diameter 45mm
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