Helical Speed Reducer

Helical Speed Reducer

Varvel Helical Speed Reducer 

Varvel RD Series


The helical gearboxes Series RD feature a one-piece cast housing complete with inner support to accommodate 2 or 3 gear stages into the same casing. Manufactured to latest ISO engineering design specifications the housing is checked by computer-aided structural analysis for deflection and stress distribution.

Significant strains caused by the effects of torque and external loads do not deflect the monolithic ribwork of the housing, which significantly improves the integrity of the sealed surfaces.

The helical gearboxes Series RD are manufactured in B3 base mounted configuration. They can be easily converted to B5 flange mounting by fitting of the appropriate additional adaptor flange.

Single-setup machining on state-of-the-art CNC production lines, the most recent calculation techniques and process controls give superior operational reliability, maximum output torques, high overhung and thrust load capacity, and long working life-time. 

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Varvel RD - ATEX Rated Helical Gearbox

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