Industrial Planetary Gearbox

Industrial Planetary Gearbox

Varvel Industrial Planetary Gearbox

Varvel RG Series


RG Series planetary gearboxes are designed as one and two stage versions, with hardened and tempered steel housing and broached internal gear. Manufactured to latest ISO engineering design specifications is checked by computer-aided structural analysis for deflection and stress distribution. Significant strains caused by the effects of both torque and external loads do not stress the monolithic housing, substantially improving the sealed surfaces. Epicycloidal speed reducers RG are made of alloyed steel gearing, hardened and tempered; the planetary gear shafts of tempered steel. Motor coupling options are available with clamping clutch, input flange and bush adapters. Single-setup machining on state-of-the-art CNC production lines, the most recent calculation techniques and process controls give superior operational reliability, maximum output torques, high overhung and thrust load capacity, and long working life-time.

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Varvel RG - Planetary speed reducers with reduced backlash

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