Sprint 370 - 0.55KW - 1Q Non Isolated

Sprint 370 - 0.55KW - 1Q Non Isolated

Model 370 - DC Motor Control Up To 3.7 Amps (0.55KW/0.75HP) Non Isolated


0.55kW Chassis / Panel Mounted DC Drive - Model 370 - 3.7 Amps - Manufacturers Part Number: 370


Download the Sprint 340-1220 Manual Guide: Sprint Electrical 370 Manual


Simple, reliable and compact. Make controlling DC motors easier with adjustable parameters including: minimum and maximum motor speed, armature current, up ramp and IR compensation.


Specifications at a glance:

  • Compact DC drive 
  • Control motors up to 3.7 Amps (0.55KW/0.75HP) 
  • Suitable for permanent magnet, shunt wound or universal motors 
  • Robust screw terminals 
  • 100 x 100 x 42(mm) H x W x D 

Technical highlights:

  • Adjustable current overload protection 
  • Adjustable up ramp rate between 1 and 20 seconds 
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment via remote potentiometer 
  • Drive run input 
  • Integral AC supply fuse 
  • Remote stop/start signal input facility 
  • Tachogenerator or armature voltage speed feedback 
  • Adjustable IR compensation for improved AVF speed regulation 
  • Sophisticated dual loop control 
  • Electronic soft start 


Low voltage 30/60V AC supply version available for 24/48V DC motors

DC Drives
Armature Current 3.7Amps
Armature Voltage 180v
Depth 42mm
Height 100mm
Input Voltage 240/110VAC
Model Number 370
Mounted Chassis Mounted
Phases Single Phase
Power Rating 0.55KW
Product Family Sprint DC Drives
Quadrants 1 Quadrant
Width 100mm

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