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Software Downloads

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DSE Lite

Parker DSE Lite Software v3.06


Parker Hannifin Drive System Explorer (DSE) Lite Software

Parker Hannifin SSD Drives Division has released a drive configuration software package called Drive System Explorer (DSE) Lite. It is available free of charge. DSE Lite is easy to use, with straightforward block programming and an intuitive user interface. In addition to supporting user-defined configurations, it offers real-time monitoring and charting. An online help function is available for the various drive function blocks.

DSE Lite allows the user to create, parameterize and configure user defined applications as well as parameterize and connect fixed Motor Control blocks.


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Sprint PL Pilot Software


PL Pilot - Configuration And Diagnostic Software For Controlling DC Motors

Model PL Pilot        

Minimise your set-up and commissioning time. PL Pilot allows you to use a windows based software package to configure your block diagrams and parameters when using the PL/X range of drives.

It allows you to configure and monitor motor control applications without any prior knowledge of a programming language. 

To monitor and adjust your parameters in real time, simply connect your PC, running PL Pilot to the PL/X DC drive through a standard serial port.


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Parker Compax3 Servo Manager Software


C3 Servo Manager and C3 Firmware

Windows-based configuration setup software for Compax3 servo systems. Includes guided hardware/software configuration wizards and numerous diagnostic tools. Also includes a link to download the latest Compax3 Firmware.